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rep, etc.

so rep has been on my mind a lot lately. i know everyone is tired of hearing all my "professionalism" bullshit. they were tired of it when i was IN rep and now it's only gotten worse since i spent a year working in a college theatre. i just really care about that group, the organization and the people in it, particularly right now. for some reason i really want all of them to succeed and for the standards in rep to be raised. i think much of the problem lies at the top, the positions of authority. rob knows this, we've talked. she just tries really hard to be everyone's friend when this particular group really just needs someone to crack down and take control. the leaders are not 1) being allowed to do their job and 2) stepping up the way they need to be. they aren't being given the respect they deserve by the other members, but maybe because they don't deserve it and they aren't demanding it. how do you make someone understand that concept? beats me.

anyway, rob and i have plans to rewrite the inner circle policies and make a lot of changes regarding illegal substances and conduct and i think rob is going to start eliminating the problems in rep by strictly following those policies. the problem is no one reads or pays attention to those policies because she never applies them.

so off my soap box...

today i...
- slept till 3
- missed pancakes for breakfast
- had father's day with my mom and dad
- went to rehearsal at 6
- was done at 8:30
- stayed till 10 cleaning the guys dressing room
- came home and got online
- realized i'm a loser
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