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so i freakin' got up at 6:45 this morning. i just want everyone to know that that makes me superwoman. no, don't argue. it is summer time...that is crazy early...and i did it. thank you very much.

*i got up that early to go with sooz to get her little vein zapped at the dermatologists in s.a.

*after that we hit up taco cabana for breakfast tacos and starbucks where i was still so tired i ordered a "tai chi" instead of "chai tea". needless to say sooz had a field day with that one. i tried to pretend i just didn't really have a clue what i was saying and made as swift an exit as possible before the person behind the counter and the long line of customers behind me really caught on as well. i think i failed, but thank god they were all polite.

*after breakfast, which made me queasy, we went to bed, bath, and beyond and i got new sheets and towels, etc, for my dorm room. yum!

*stupidly stopped in old navy where i spent more money i shouldn't have on irresistable brown pants and flipflops (that i really did need).

*met mom back at whole foods...and then on to the piercing studio!

*arrived at mind's eye in s.a. at about 12:20 and i was outta there by 12:45. it wasn't as bad as i had thought it might be, and bishop (my piercer) was great. oh yeah, i failed to mention what i pierced...haha....my left nostril. it looks decent. i think it helps even out my face a bit, and although it isnt exactly where i would have placed it, it was the best spot according to bishop...and we all know he is piercing god. i just got a plain steel ball, discreet and satisfying for me. it feels like a constant booger...just in case any of you are curious.

*got home and started defensive driving online. ugh...stupidest thing ever.

*went to REP to see everyone one last time and say goodbye to Rob.

*watched the women's gymnastics team survive with a silver and the gold sadly taken by romania. no fair!

*laurel goes to bed!
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