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so fresh and so clean clean

just out of the shower. i think i'm a compulsive bather. i took three baths yesterday, and two the day before that, and at least one every night this previous week. i'm so glad our suites in taylor will have baths this next semester to support my disorder.

i got my first shooting lesson last night. dad got out his .22 rifle and we set up paint cans and sooz and i took a crack at shooting them down. we weren't bad, but we were using a scope, mind you. anyhoo, it was fun fun fun. "i love shooting this thing!" "i am not a victim!!!"

this morning i got up around 10ish and then spent the next 2-3 hours learning how to change my brake pads with dad. we also changed my oil, etc. thank god my brakes don't squeal anymore.

after that i pretty much watched the olympics all day...just being lazy lying on the couch. man, those beach volleyball guys are damn sexy. tonight i will be glued to the tv because women's gymnastics is on. i don't know why i like watching this stuff. it just makes me feel even more out of shape. how depressing. seriously.
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