Lo (falsepretenses) wrote,

saturdays are the best

so today was good. i didn't work. in fact i don't think dad even brought up any issue related to work, except how much my paycheck was, and that is of course acceptable.

*matt woke me up with his morning song. what a splendid way to wake up...except that it was at 10:20 this morning (his idea of 11 or thereafter).

*alas, after that wonderful serenade i fell back asleep until 1:30. i had a breakfast of grapes, talked with my mom, and got ready to run errands.

*pow...best part of the day...i bought new shoes! i will admit that hands down i have a shoe fetish now...and anne is partially responsible. but i got cool new tennis and some hip little mary jane style tennis. tah dah. i love shoes.

*sooz and i made the rounds at target, walmart, and payless. we ate lunch at subway, and dessert and drinks at starbucks. yum.

little notes of interest...

*i really need to shower.

*sooz and i are going to rollerblade here in a minute...getting out the old skates to take to school.

*we leave in 6 DAYS!!!
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i'm pretty sure any kind of food at 1:30 constitutes lunch, not breakfast. :D
breakfast is whatever you eat at the start of your day. it is defined in the dictionary as the first meal of the day USUALLY eaten in the morning...not necessarily ALWAYS. besides, it is derived from old english...breakfast is simply two words put together: break and fast. it originally meant to break your fast of the night before. therefore, whatever you eat first thing in the day, regardless of the time you eat it, is breaking your fast of the night before and therefore constitutes breakfast, not lunch. ;)
ouch.. i just got told. :D
Indeed you did.