Lo (falsepretenses) wrote,

yay for randomness.

the *fifty random questions* survey
1. you are a famous musician with a list of things that each concert venue must provide in your dressing room. what five things are on your list?
...ice cold MGDs, a full body massage, a bubble bath, chinese food, and quiet.
2. you've just won a million dollars! how much do you give to charity?
...in this day and age a million bucks isn't that much. it would pay for my college and to get my career on the road. that's about it.
3. what would you do if you saw someone cheating on a test you were also taking?
...nothing, laugh silently to myself, and get focused again.
4. a friend borrowed 10 bucks from you last week and still hasn't paid you back. do you mention it to him/her?
...um yes, or i make them take me out for food.
5. if you could be any superhero, which one would you be?
...duh, i already am.
6. you're out to dinner and notice you weren't charged for your appetizer -- do you tell your waiter?
...if i didn't give any of my million to a charity, do ya think i would be honest about something like that?
7. describe what you looked like in 5th grade.
...oooh can we just forget those days? HORRIBLE...as a 5th grader should.
8. which would be harder to give up: tv or chocolate?
...i could live without both probably, but life without chocolate would be so flavorless.
9. if you could change your name, what would you change it to?
...i wouldn't be me by any other name.
10. a cat darts into the road. you feel a thud under your tire. do you stop?
...after sitting in my car a few seconds and feeling like shit, yes.
11. a friend has chronic bad breath. do you say something? if so, what?
...i always have gum on me for just this reason.
12. if you had to move to another country for a year, which one would you choose and why?
...italy or greece - two cultures i am very much facinated with.
13. if you only had 15 minutes left to live, what would you do?
...probably waste about 10 minutes panicking, and then find someone to hold me.
14. if you could remain at one age for the rest of your life, what would it be?
15. if your significant other and your pet were drowning, which one would you save?
...depends on how much i liked the sig-other...usually they are replacable...and i love my pets.
6. what's your biggest fear?
...dying, getting old
17. what kind of food is your best friend?
...i've always thought that the food you liked the best would be your worst enemy...but considering what i think whoever wrote this meant by that question...italian/chinese.
18. what is your worst habit?
...control freak, correcting people, being a bossy bitch.
19. if you could only take one person on a trip around the world, who would it be, and why?
...Sooz, because we have fun no matter what...that or the man of the moment.
20. have you ever borrowed somebody else's underwear?
21. who is the most important person in the world to you?
...stupid question.
22. when is the last time you cried?
...about a week and a half ago.
23. what would be the best thing about being the opposite sex?
...the clothes they get to wear...except i wear them, too, pretty much.
24. tell which brady you'd date if you had to.
...shocker, i wouldn't.
25. how often do you shower?
...every other day usually, i take a bath on the inbetween days.
26. what's your favorite part of your body?
...stomach or hair.
27. while waiting on a very rude customer, you accidentally drop his bread onto the floor in the kitchen. do you serve it to him?
...hey, 10 second rule...depends on the cleanliness of the facility.
28. which one of your friends would you call for advice if you had questions about love?
...rob, or anne.
29. if you had to give up one of the five senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell, or taste), which one would it be?
...taste, it would discourage me to eat.
30. what sport would you like to play professionally?
...dance...hah! it is a sport!
31. which movie star would you most like to have a romantic scene with?
...one that wasn't so hot i was intimidated. haha, just kidding...ryan gosling.
32. if you had triplet daughters today, what would you name them?
...can we say OUCH...forget the names for two of them, i'd probably give them away. Paige.
33. name one thing that always makes you smile.
..."listen to me medical people
34. which of your friends would make the best talk show host?
...tim jenkins.
35. if you could communicate with any type of animal, which would you pick?
36. what is the one subject in school that you think is the most useful?
...theatre. but i am an advocate on having a class all about common sense and logic...however, i don't think you can really teach those things.
37. what's the one food you absolutely can't stand, and why?
...bad mexican food...what a sin to mess mexican food up!
39. do you look inside the tissue after you blow your nose?
...sometimes...i'm curious.
40. how old were you when you stopped believing in santa clause?
...i don't think i ever did.
41. what would the legal driving age be if you were setting it?
...18 or 19 (me excluded of course).
42. if you could eliminate one form of weather, what would it be?
...i would rather invent a little laurel bubble that followed me around and would do whatever i wanted...but definitely HUMIDITY.
43. if you could have any store added to your local mall, which one would i be?
...the best thrift store ever.
44. describe the most memorable night of your life?
45. name the grossest thing you have ever put in your mouth (on purpose or not).
...squid?...and that throat spray stuff kayla has.
46. you've got spring fever and it's a perfect day to spend outside. do you play hooky?
...i'm in college...that is what you do all the time.
47. you are on the titanic as it's sinking. there's one life vest left for you and your closest friend.
...fight to the death! um...take turns floating and swimming?
48. you're home alone and run out of toilet paper.
...drip dry!
49. if you were stranded on a deserted island with only one cd to listen to, which one would it be?
...ben folds.
50. if your house were in flames and you could only grab one thing (excluding your pet[s]), what would it be?
...my down comforter...assuming my cell phone was already in my hand.
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