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party was sort of lame last night. but it was still better than sitting at home. the most entertainment was laura drunk . . . and i mean drunk. she's one of those people i reeeeally like drinking with. (serious) i wrote "my name is laura, and i think i'm cute" all over her bare back in a big black permanent marker. glad i didn't have to see her this morning when she found it.

robert drove so kayla and i could drink - not that either of us really needed him to. we were good little girls. smoked way too many cigarettes, but the corona was good - and free. i had mine, and finished everyone else's. the party was for taylor - since he's moving and leaving the gang. i know HE had fun *wink wink* - probably won't ever forget last night from what i hear.

made it up this morning in time to make walnut raspberry brownies for the family thingie this evening before having to go to rehearsal. speaking of . . . headache. o my gosh, it couldn't have been more annoying. too many kids - reminds me every day i'm there why i don't want any. i'm finishing my smirnoff and going to bed.
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